Blackbeard’s Assault Reaches 20k Sales

Blackbeard’s Assault was released Nov 4th for the iPhone and yesterday, Feb 12th it has surpassed 20,000 sales.   Overall I’m pretty pleased with it’s success, it’s done about as good as I reasonably could have hoped.  Sure, there’s always those pie in the sky dreams about getting into the top of the charts and becoming the next app store millionaire but I’ll take this moderate success.

Although this isn’t enough to replace my day job, who knows would could happen down the road.  My sales have been slowly declining, but it’s still selling pretty well and has lasted much longer than I thought it would.

Here’s a pretty chart from the program AppViz that’s I’ve been trying out the last couple of days:


Update: Noel wanted some insight on the sales spikes.

Nov 15th: Lite Version Comes out
Dec 1st: 99c Sale
Dec 6th:  Sale Ends
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